GreenHeart Foundation

Who We Are

Our Vision

A world where women are empowered and their traditional art forms are appreciated.

Our Mission

Empowering the lives of women and girls in Asia through their traditional art of weaving textiles to promote sustainable livelihoods.

Our Goals


Preserve the traditional cultural and intricate art forms that are often undervalued and overlooked.


Perpetuate cultural practices for modern generations through ancestral textile creation and the continuing production of indigenous fibers utilized in traditional textile weaving and dying.


Promote women’s empowerment through sustainable livelihoods that improve economic conditions and create a worldwide appreciation for women’s cultural traditions and customs.

How we aim to achieve them

Teaching women traditional techniques

Supplying communities with traditional fibers

Creating weaving enterprises for women.

Helping women support their communities.

Our primary goal is devoted to Women’s Empowerment through recognition and value of their intricate art forms while branding the concept of women who weave. We focus on changing the lives of village girls in Asia who have the skills to continue these centuries-old traditions of creating handmade/heart-made natural-dyed textile art. For thousands of years, women have created one of the most unique and complex art forms in history. These art forms have little appreciation or value in generating sustainable livelihoods for the artisans of traditional cultures around the world. Women deserve to be respected, appreciated and recognized as artists by creating awareness of their remarkable talents which will add value to the fruit of their labors.

The world, scholars, and art institutions consider textiles to be merely handicrafts and folk art. One of the reasons being — virtually every woman who weaves a textile does not incorporate their signature. However, women in villages for countless centuries created one-of-a-kind pieces of art, utilizing the remarkable skills of cultivating and producing natural fibers, together with the complex processing of natural dying, and the weaving process that can take over a year to complete.

Part of our mission is to create an awareness campaign to share with the world that the weaving and natural dying of textiles throughout history truly are an art form. The utilization and blending of colors incorporated into textile art are of the utmost importance to the artisans. Additionally, a vital attribute in weaving is symbolism, a woven language with meanings interpreted from nature, as well as personal and spiritual affinities that hold a culture’s history.
Showing that textiles are an art form will elevate the awareness, appreciation and value of the textile arts, thus creating sustainable livelihoods for weavers around the world.

Core Values

Women's Empowerment





Collaborative Partnerships