GreenHeart Foundation

Our Team

Chanalei Bartholomew


Chanalei was raised in her motherland of Laos and lived there for the first ten years of her life, with Lao being her first language to speak, read, and write. She is deeply connected to the country and is devoted to improving the lives of young girls and women. She was raised on her father MarkO’s stories of his worldly adventures and is now dedicated to spreading the message of the GreenHeart Foundation to reach, support, and empower a new generation of girls around the world.

MarkO Bartholomew


MarkO is the founder of The GreenHeart Foundation. He has worn many hats throughout his travels and life as a Cross-Cultural Anthropologist, published author, Asian government consultant, and founder and operator of an international travel company called GreenHeart Travels. The GreenHeart Foundation was inspired by his close work with weavers that he met on his expansive travels and his desire to show the world their amazing heart-made textiles.

Liz Meyer

Project Coordinator

Liz is a digital nomad who has worked with various philanthropic companies to help spread awareness and resources to people in need. She works to help organize teams so they can succeed in their goals.

After traveling to Laos in 2019, she fell in love with the culture and people and is now enthusiastic about spreading the GreenHeart message and helping empower women in Laos and beyond.

Theresa Bauer

Strategy & Partnerships Coordinator

Theresa has always been inspired by the riches of cultures of this world and was graced to travel, live and work in a variety of countries. She has supported several companies in team management and project management positions in the US and Germany and is now inspired to support the GreenHeart Foundation Team and their core values of empowering women and girls.

Andy Clavel

Community Partner Coordinator

Andy worked with the financial sector for more than 10 years and has been involved in foreign-assisted projects funded by multilateral development banks and international NGOs. 

She enjoys community organizing/development and immersing herself in rural communities.

The GreenHeart Foundation aims to raise awareness about the plight that primarily young girls face around the world and are being forced into sex slavery and child trafficking.