GreenHeart Foundation

The GreenHeart Journey


MarkO left the University of California on a scholarship program to University in Sweden. During that year in Sweden, he started his import and export business of Jewelry and Textiles.


He moved to the Himalayas and he began to document, collect and promote the unique culture and textile arts of Bhutan.


He began consulting with the Royal Government Ministers of Bhutan and numerous Royal family members about preserving and perpetuating their unique culture and art heritage.


He held his debut exhibition on Bhutanese traditional textiles and published an accompanying catalog for the Museum for Textiles in Toronto, Canada.


He started his VIP exclusive travel company called Druk Quest leading high-end tours to Thailand, Nepal, India, and Bhutan. He was given permission by the Royal Government to lead exclusive tours into Bhutan which were some of the first Western tourists ever allowed into Bhutan in its entire history.


MarkO moved to Tokyo, Japan to begin publishing his book on Bhutan art and culture.


He published his first book, Thunder Dragon Textiles from Bhutan, Shikosha. Publishers, Kyoto, Japan in both English and Japanese. This was the first major publication in the world highlighting Bhutanese culture and textile art heritage.


MarkO held his first major international exhibition at the Seibu Art Gallary, Tokyo Japan, featuring a significant part of his collection.

1986 - 97

He moved to Central America establishing a base in the Yucatan to study the cross-cultural similarities of the culture and textile arts of Bhutan and the Yucatan.


MarkO established the Bhutan Culture Preservation Foundation (later to become the GreenHeart Foundation), a charitable non-profit Foundation for showcasing to the world Bhutan’s Unique traditional heritage.


After years of studying the Mayan culture and their unique calendar, he had a breakthrough and then published a revised version of the most widely used and esoteric Mayan calendar called “Zolkin”.


MarkO moved to Laos to continue his Buddhist and Asian cross-cultural studies and collaborated with the Lao government and numerous NGOs (Non-Government Organization) to preserve and perpetuate traditional Lao culture and the present-day well-being of Lao Villages.


Honorable Foreign Minister, Lyonpo Jigme Thinley, extended to MarkO his fourth Royal Government Invitation by a Minister of Bhutan.


Continued collaborating and consulting with Lao Government agencies and international NGOs.


Bhutan`s Royal Government stated in a letter their recognition of the importance and sole propriety rights of ownership of the Bartholomew Collection of Sacred Bhutan Art and Textiles


MarkO moved from Laos and relocated back to the United States with his three daughters.


He established the GreenHeart Foundation in California as a non-profit humanitarian organization.


MarkO moved with his family to Oxford, England to expand the reach of his Foundation and began consulting with universities and Museums around the United Kingdom.


He moved to Bali, Indonesia with his family to introduce his GreenHeart Foundation. He became a consultant to high Government officials introducing concepts of Eco-Culture tourism and traditional culture preservation.


MarkO and his family moved to Hawaii, USA to study the traditional Hawaiian culture with hopes of integrating vital aspects of the GreenHeart Foundation to collaborate with government officials and the Hawaiian Community.


He is relocating the GreenHeart Foundation to Hawaii. The new mission and goals are to Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote traditional art and culture in “PolynAsia” (From Polynesia extending to Central Asia).