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TaiBaan Crafts

TaiBaan Crafts is based in Laos and brings eco-friendly fashion and home textile products to the market. Their products are all beautifully textured and are made of hand-spun yarn that is hand-dyed using natural ingredients. Each piece is made from locally sourced natural materials such as indigenous organic cotton. All TaiBaan products are made by village artisans from the different ethnic groups of Laos. TaiBaan Crafts is a provisional member of WFTO and therefore abides by the 10 principles of fair trade. To date, TaiBaan has worked with about 15 village crafts groups numbering more than 250 women producers across ten provinces in Laos.

TaiBaan means ‘village or a community of villages’ in the Laos language. They seek to preserve, renew, and rebrand the ancient Laos crafts and techniques of the diverse ethnic population of Laos and showcase them to the world.

Please visit TaiBaan Craft's website for an up-to-date catalog of products for sale.

Natural, beautiful, handcrafted, eco-friendly … our products are rooted in ancient craftsmanship, and ideally suited to modern, conscientious lifestyles. Our product catalogue represents a selection of home textiles cotton products.

TaiBaan products are handmade, so while our products are meet the highest quality control standards, there may be slight variations in the finishing details of each product.

Additionally, we use natural, plant-based dyes, which may cause slight color variations. All products are available for wholesale and can be customized to fit your specifications.

Indigo blue is made from the leaves and shoots of the Karm plant, which grows in many areas in Laos.

Making the dye is an art that involves fermentation of the plant and keeping the mixture in air-tight jars at the required temperature.

TaiBaan Crafts

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Whatsapp Number: +856 20 96345586