GreenHeart Foundation

Sonam Lhamo


Dzongkhag (district): Mongar

Sonam is 37 years old and hasn’t gone to school at all. She has been weaving since the age of 9 and has 28 years of experience in weaving. She is a divorcee and lives with her 8-year-old son.

Before joining SABAH Bhutan, Sonam wove highly intricate traditional dress for others, but many times her payments from customers were either delayed or not paid in full. She heard about SABAH Bhutan from her friends who were members and she joined as an HBW member in 2014.

Since then she is one of the most active members and contributes a lot of ideas and imparts skills to other HBWs. She now earns at least Nu 9,000-10,000 ($110 – 122 USD) a month.

She has the potential to train others in various weaving and that makes her proud.