GreenHeart Foundation


Group Leader

Ms Saeng, 29, is truly a remarkable woman. She is originally from Xayabouly Province and has now moved to Lahanam village in Savannakhet after marrying her husband, Sine. After moving, Saeng learned the art of matmee (ikat) and the art of making indigo dye from her neighbors.

Although Saeng and her neighbors have technical expertise, they didn’t have much experience in business management, quality control, and marketing. That was why Seang and her neighbors joined Saoban’s network.

Saeng was chosen by Saoban to become the group’s representative 3 years ago. Her favorite aspect of the role is learning about design and quality control and improving her business skills through Saoban’s mentoring. Saoban believes in her commitment and her spirit of leadership to contribute and help
the community continue to produce beautiful cotton handwoven products representative of their culture.

Saeng’s aspiration is to help her community produce larger orders for international buyers.