GreenHeart Foundation

Ms Noy


Ms Noy is a single mom of 2 children and comes from a family of well-known weavers and loom makers.

Noy’s father is the “master” loom maker in the village, and everyone goes to him whenever they need to order a new loom or fix their old ones. Loom-making is a special skill and not many people know how to make them these days. Noy’s mother is acknowledged as the “master of matmee” in Lahanam village, and she has taught and mentored many weavers.

With such a family background, it is not hard to imagine that Noy will soon become the next “master of matmee”. Even though Noy is already highly skilled in matmee tying, dyeing, and weaving, she is still a tireless learner, and always comes up with new designs.

Noy is a friend of Saeng, the group leader of Saoban’s weaving group. It is through Saeng’s persuasion that Noy has joined Saeng’s weaving group. Through working with the Saoban Weaving Group, Noy has come to better understand the principles of Fairtrade and is proud to be able to improve her own living as well as share her artisanal skills with other members of her group.