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Mae Vong


Born in Ban Lahanam 53 years ago, Mae Vong (Mae meaning “mother”) began learning the art of Matmee (Ikat) making when she was 20 years old. She really loves weaving and making the indigo dye for her Matmee designs.

Vong has 5 sons and 3 daughters. Her husband farms the family land growing rice and vegetables, as well as, raising cattle and catching fish for the family. When Vong is not farming or weaving, she enjoys visits to the beautiful village temple, especially during community ceremonies at the full and new moons.

Mae Vong is well-known in her village as an expert on Matmee. All the matmee designs are in her head and she can produce the intricate designs without any pre-drawing before she ties and dyes the yarn.

Nowadays, in order to pass on this ancient art to younger weavers in the village, she draws the Matmee pattern in a book to guide the younger weavers, so that they can learn the art.

Weaving the traditional ikat designs of her “Phu Tai” ethnic heritage brings Vong joy and pride, especially when it is for a special order.