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Mae Noy

Mother of 4 daughters (19, 20, 22 and 24 years old) Noy, 45, has been weaving since she was young.

Her daughter Nok (right), 24, has been learning English for the past 4 years at a college in Savannakhet City. Mae Noy is very proud of her, as not many girls in the village know how to speak English.

Mae Noy learned to weave from her mother. She likes to weave although she cannot tie the weft yarns to make the matmee or ikat pattern. “My mother did not know how to do that, and so she never taught me”, she laughed.

Her daughter Nok, however, proudly declares, “I know how to tie the weft yarn though! I learned that from my friends, and now I am teaching my mother how to do that!”

Both mother and daughter are very proud of their weaving and that it brings extra income for their family.