GreenHeart Foundation

Kinley Chenzom


Dzongkhag (district): Dagana

Kinley Chenzom, 24 years old, a primary school dropout, is a member of SABAH Bhutan. She is a single mother with two children. Before joining SABAH Bhutan, she earned her living through weaving for customers but it was a very unstable earnings. She could barely earn Nu 5,000 a month to pay for her home expenses (grocery) and provide for the children.

She heard about SABAH Bhutan from her friends and she joined in 2014. In two years, she underwent different levels of training in weaving different products (cushion covers, table mats, bed runners, stole, and mufflers) and this drastically increased her income.

In a few years’ time, with her skills and continued training, she will be able to teach other weavers.